Join Brian in his latest story as he makes a special Christmas Wish.....

Brian and the Christmas Sparkle
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With Christmas approaching what better way to keep the little ones enertained than to sit them down with their favourite snack 
and an Adventures of Brian Storytime DVD? 

Which is why we created this BRAND NEW Christmas story about when Brian learnt all about snow.....

Find your FREE copy today and enjoy your cup of tea in peace.....

The Adventures of Brian

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Every story in the collection features Brian, a real life therapy dog who supports children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears.  

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Brian and the Christmas Sparkle

When Brian notices that his fur feels different and the sky is white he turns to Blue Butterfly to find out what is happening... 

Having made a Christmas Wish for snow will it fall before Christmas and make Brian's day extra special? 

Find out what happens next in Brian and the Christmas Sparkle. 

What are people saying?

Feedback from parents and professionals....
"We use Nicky's wonderful Brian books to help support children after a bereavement. We're so grateful for this resource"
Bereavement Midwife, Sussex

"I loved the book, it made me's brilliantly written and so appropriate"

Parent Feedback
"My grandson slept all night after reading this, he said that when he woke up instead of calling for his mum he rubbed his pebble"
Parent Feedback

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